The Tsimpidis winery in Grammousa, Laconia
Our winery originates from the oldest wine-growing region of Laconia and it is operated by experienced winegrowers and winemakers
We cultivate local varieties as well as varieties perfectly adapted to the Laconian microclimate.
The family Tsimpidis family winery was established in 1992 by Panagiotis Tsimpidis, as a small family business. Our passion and love for good wine led us in 1994 to a larger investment in the modernization and expansion of our winery, so that we could respond to the continuously increased demand of our customers.
So today our winery operates with modern technological equipment in combination with traditional methods of viticulture and it offers a wide variety of wines of exceptional quality and taste.
Established in the area of Laconia in South Greece, our winery counts years of quality and trust. The new Tsimpidis generation brought innovation to both production and bottling, taking advantage of new packaging and distribution technologies thus protecting its products, but above all preserving the tradition of our region.
Our vines and farmers contribute to sustainable cultivation as we deeply support the chemical-free agriculture and the preservatives-free wines.
Our wines are preserved by natural sugars and ingredients and that is why we recommend our customers to supply more frequently and more limited amounts of products.
The wine is stored in stainless steel refrigerated tanks to maintain the appropriate temperature.
Finally, our winery has its own distribution network and its own transporting vehicles  to better control the safety and preservation of the product in its entirety.
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