Dry rosé wine Merlot variety from the most famous vineyards of Laconia.

Extremely bright and shinning, between light pink and salmon.

Includes aromas of red fruits, such as strawberry and cherry and an almost imperceptible touch of spices.

Elegant, classy and refined, with a refreshing acidity that balances the alcohol, creating a sense of harmony. Pleasant fruity finish.

It is better combined with appetizers, fruit, poultry, pasta, cheese or as an aperitif.

Drink at 10-12C.

Tris Charites White Wine

A single varietal bottling of kydonitsa, the local aromatic variety, produced and thriving mainly in Laconia.

A dry wine, with wonderful freshness and medium acidity. Fruity aroma that certainly reminds of quince and citrus, with a light refreshing style. Distinctive yellow color.

It is better combined with seafood, chicken, pork, fresh salads, cheese plates, dishes with white sauce.

Drink at 10-12C.

Dry wine of the Black Magic variety with a very deep and intense purple color. 

It has depth, concentration, complexity but also finesse. Aromas of ripe fruit such as raspberry along with spicy characters, smoke and leather notes. It is silky yet velvety with gentle tannins and balanced acidity, offering aromas of ripe fruit, cloves, black pepper and a touch of herbs. 

The aftertaste is long lasting with enormous complexity. 

It is better combined with meat with red sauce, pasta with spicy sauce and gourmet seafood. 

Drink at 10-12C.